Front Office Receptionist/Operator


To ensure that the highest standards of hospitality and welcome are demonstrated at all times. To complete all relevant procedures as laid down.

• Receive guests to the hotel by greeting them warmly, and attending to their inquiries and also answer inquirers over the phone.
• Inform guests of the services and accommodation rates in the hotel, make reservations for guests according to their needs, and also make sure that all reservations cancelled are effected immediately to avoid confusion.
• Build good relationship and rapport with guests to make them feel comfortable and address any complaints they might have in a very courteous manner to protect the image of the hotel.
• Keep clear and comprehensive records of guest room bookings and all billings for accountability and future reference.
• Maintain orderliness at the front desk by arranging documents accordingly and keeping the front desk area clean at all times to avoid rowdiness.
• Attend to all routes of room bookings, such as online, phone, and in person, to ensure that reservations are not left hanging but attended to promptly to keep the hotel business running.
• Report issues of maintenance and malfunctioning appliances to the manager for quick repair in order to ensure guests comfort and satisfaction.
• Perform any other duties assigned by your supervisor.
COMPETENCY (level of competency required for the role):
Developing Expertise: • Exhibit excellent knowledge of customer service.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Must be orderly.
• Ability to multi-task.
• Good crisis management skills.
Thinking & Planning • Clarifies own job responsibilities and looks for opportunities that will increase skills and job knowledge
• Understands how their role fits with others and contributes to the success of business
• Understands the hotel’s facilities, products and services
• Provides information when requested and promotes hotel’s services, facilities and special events
• Implements department procedures and policies as needed
Communicating Expectations: • Maintain current Hotel information to be able to provide information to guests Demonstrate co-operation and trust with colleagues, supervisors, teams and across departments
• Communicate well to ensure effective shift hand-over
• Actively participate in organized meetings
• Interact with department and hotel staff in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two way communication
structure Tasks: • Be open to new ideas and make changes in the job and routine as required
• Work in line with business requirements
• Complete tasks as directed by Management
Leading the Team: • Work effectively with customers and colleagues from different viewpoints, cultures and countries
Building Relationships: • Build and maintain positive relationships with all internal customers and guests in order to anticipate their needs.
• Anticipate guest needs, handle guest enquires, and solve problems
• Create a positive hotel image in every interaction with internal and external customers
• Adhere to hotel brand standards
• Maintain a high level of product and service knowledge in order to explain and sell services and facilities to guests
• Assist guests and escort them to locations within the hotel at their request
• Maintain knowledge of special programs and events in the hotel in order to recognize and respond to guests needs

Focusing on Quality: • Ensure that your work quality meets the standards required and complete tasks in a timely and thorough manner with minimum supervision
• Follow standards, policies and procedures
• Meet hotel attendance and grooming standards
Achieving Results: • Strive for constant improvement and take responsibility for your own performance
• Adhere to Ramada Hotel Group Corporate Code of Conduct
• Adhere to Hotel Handbook and general policies and procedures
• Adhere to Housekeeping and Laundry Policies and Procedures
• Report problems to Management with suggestions for resolution

Skills & Knowledge:  Knowledge of office administration procedures.
 Managing multiple and changing priorities at once.
 Diary Management
 Good computer skills including Word, Excel, MS Outlook,.
 Good typing and keyboard skills.
 A good level of English spelling and grammar.
 Attention to detail and high level of accuracy.

Education or Qualification: Diploma in Hotel Management Requirements: Opera Knowledge a must.

Security Guard

Job summary

The Security Guard is responsible for providing protection and communication with hotel guests and employees. He/she is also responsible for patrolling hotel premises to maintain security, detect and report fire, security and safety hazards and/or violations of Wyndham’s rules and regulations.
General requirements

• Must be effective at listening to, understanding, and clarifying concerns raised by Associates and guests.
• Must be effective in handling tasks.
• Must be able to multitask and prioritize to meet deadlines.
• Approach all encounters with guests and Associates in an attentive, friendly, courteous and service-oriented manner.
• Attend all hotel required meetings and trainings.
• Maintain regular attendance in the company’s compliance training.
• Maximize efforts towards productivity, identify problem areas and assist in implementing solutions.
• Be a representative of the brand’s service culture.

Main tasks

• Use proper radio etiquette at all times.
• Maintain visual contact with the Front Desk/Night Auditor and the front door of the hotel by remaining in the Lobby area when not on property walks.
• Maintain and review daily activity log.
• Maintain confidentiality with respect to guest and employee incidents.
• Hold briefing with Guest Services staff both at the beginning and end of shift.
• Check ID of visitors/employees as necessary.
• Access secured areas for authorized personnel.
• Maintain an awareness of legal limitation of position (local, state and/or federal ordinances).
• Assist guests to their rooms or assist guest’s w/entry into their rooms according to hotel standards.
• Assist during medical emergencies.
• Respond to emergency situations, including medical, security, guest complaints, etc.
• Investigate assault complaints.
• Assist outside agencies, as necessary, to maintain effective liaison.
• Respond to altercations, and investigate.
• Have knowledge of hotel and guestroom locking systems.
• Monitor TV cameras, if applicable.
• Challenge suspicious persons.
• Check safety hazards.
• Administer Heimlich Manoeuvre and or First Aid/CPR as necessary.
• Complete Incident/Accident reports in a clear and concise manner.
• Monitor employees as they enter and exit the building.
• Conduct investigations relative to property losses, guest and employee accidents, and illnesses and crimes against the hotel.
• Document all deliveries.
• Patrol area to insure that areas are secure and free of unauthorized persons and disturbances.
• Provide escorts to persons carrying money, or other requests.
• Issue and inventory pagers, radio equipment and keys on a daily bases, if applicable.

Qualification: Professional Certificate in Security matters, at least two years experience working with a reputable company, no criminal record.

All interested candidates please send your CV and cover letter preferably on PDF.


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