Background – ETDCO M/S Electrical Transmission and Distribution Construction and Maintenance Company (ETDCO) Limited) is a Subsidiary Company of TANESCO Limited established with the Objective of providing reliable electrical services for the TANESCO Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure countrywide and construction of new infrastructure for TANESCO and other companies within the country and beyond the borders. ETDCO Limited hereby invites Internal and External Applicants who are qualified, self-motivated, honest, hardworking and committed individuals to fill the under-mentioned posts:

Specific attributes for the Positions to be filled: All Candidates must possess the following:
❖ Good qualification from recognized Learning Institution
❖ Good reference that can demonstrate highest degree of integrity
❖ Be capable of delivering excellent results while working under pressure with tight deadlines.
❖ Good communication skills, creative and innovative
❖ Good team player
❖ Be self-driven and capable of working with minimal supervision;
❖ Must be computer literate

1. ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN – ( 2 POST ) REPORT TO: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS COMPANY : ETDCO LIMITED POSITION OBJECTIVE: Responsible for Site Supervision and execution of all electrical construction and maintenance works/activities in designated projects in a sustainability manner to ensure reliable and quality electricity supply with maximum Stakeholders satisfaction. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
➢ Supervision of Site Construction and Maintenance Works according to specified agreeable standards with maximum safety standards and quality workmanship.
➢ Supervision and execution of site works with maximum efficiency in the utilization of company resources on and off site; with quality work outputs.

➢ Participate in planning and design of electricity network of prospective construction and maintenance projects to ensure quality compliance and timely delivery of work in the agreeable time and scope.
➢ Conduct weekly detailed safety meetings with site foremen to determine risks, availability and use of PPEs to ensure zero accident in projects execution.
➢ Prepare and submit timely Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports for any assigned construction or maintenance works for Management decision making.
➢ Perform other duties within the limits of Job Parameters as assigned by the Superiors
KEY KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE JOB Certificate of Secondary Education Form IV or VI Holder of FTC or Ordinary Diploma in Electrical Engineering from a recognized Technical Institution Must be computer literate with practical knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
2. PRINCIPAL PROCUREMENT OFFICER – ( 1 POST ) REPORT TO: MANAGER PROCUREMENT COMPANY : ETDCO LIMITED POSITION OBJECTIVE: To control, effectively supervise daily procurement functions of the Company, for ensuring that best value of supplies for goods, services and works wherever they are sourced while adhering to all internal and external Procurement, Financial and Company regulations. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
➢ To co-ordinate and prepare tender documents to ensure the production of realistic and commercial tenders.
➢ To liaise with User Departments of goods, services and works to ensure that resources are co-ordinated and procured timely.
➢ Ensure timely posting of procurement information into procurement information system (PMIS) developed by PPRA.
➢ Advice user departments entities on the full range of procurement issues, providing support and guidance at all stage of the procurement cycle.
➢ Supervise ETDCO Stores Employees on inventory related works while maintaining good materials management of the Company.
A Subsidiary Company of TANESCO
➢ The job holder will facilitate and provide technical support on, procurement planning processes, budgetary control of public resources and disposal of Public Assets of the entity.
➢ Keenly review Procurement Audit Reports to ensure compliance and conformity with legal and regulatory framework governing the procurement and disposal of Public Assets.
➢ Coordinate the effective management of the evaluation process, by facilitating constitution of evaluation teams.
➢ Supervise, mentor and motivate subordinate staff.
➢ To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.
KEY KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE JOB Certificate of Secondary Education Form IV or VI Holder of Bachelor Degree in Procurement / Materials management from recognized Institution Holder of CPSP and must be registered by the Procurement and Supplies Professional and Technicians Board as Approved or Authorized Procurement Officer Must have Working experience of Supplies and stores works of at least 3 years in any reputable company Must be Computer literate with practical knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
3. PROCUREMENT OFFICER – (1 POST ) REPORTS TO: PRINCIPAL PROCUREMENT OFFICER COMPANY: ETDCO LIMITED POSITION OBJECTIVE: To implement procurement processes (goods, works and services) in a transparent, objective, economic and efficient manner; consistent with relevant policies, legislation, regulations and guidelines in accordance to Public Procurement Act, 2011, its amendments and any other International procurement guidelines. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
➢ Implementation of day to day execution and handling of procurement processes for adequacy of documentation, authorization, compliance and adherence to laws and regulations in place to ensure economy and efficiency, accountability, transparency, fairness, integrity and effectiveness of procurement processes.
A Subsidiary Company of TANESCO
➢ Make follow up, keep record and reports of all procurement activities performed within the company.
➢ Participation in preparation and / or reviewing of Users requirements, solicitation documents, evaluation reports and any other documentation related to Company procurement process as may be required from time to time.
➢ Timely preparation of Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Procurement Progress Reports.
➢ Data entry of procurement information into Procurement Management Information System (PMIS) developed by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority to ensure data are correctly entered at all stages of procurement.
➢ Participation in process of preparation of Corporate Annual Procurement Plan, updating the same in order to achieve total compliance to the plan.
➢ Assist in compilation and archive records of procurement and disposal proceedings to ensure availability of respective records for minimum period of five years from the date of completion of contracts.
KEY KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE JOB Certificate of Secondary Education Form IV or VI Degree in Procurement / Materials Management from Recognized Institution Must be registered by PSPTB Must be Computer literate with practical knowledge of Microsoft Office applications Interpersonal Skills will be of the added advantage
4. INTERNAL AUDITOR (1 POST ) REPORTS TO: GENERAL MANAGER COMPANY: ETDCO LIMITED POSITION OBJECTIVE: Responsible for all Company Financial, Administrative and Projects Audit in collaboration with the Office of the Auditor Controller General to ensure Company Compliance with the Government established Corporate Governance Rules and Regulations. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
➢ Planning and executing assurance and consulting audit engagements on Projects Management, Financial, Compliance, Information System, Technical, Operational audit and any required special investigation resulting in improved controls and operating efficiencies.
➢ Designing and completing risk based Annual Internal Audit Plan and develop an engagement
work/audit program that effectively assess the organisation’s control environment.
A Subsidiary Company of TANESCO
➢ Develop an Internal Audit Charter along with Organisational Internal Audit Policy and Procedure Manual
➢ Carry out periodical inspection/checks of the physical assets and inventories of the organisation to ensure that they are properly utilized, maintained, safeguarded and adequately controlled.
➢ Preparing and finalizing written Audit Reports for review by TANESCO Head of Internal Audit Unit for inclusion in periodic reporting to the Audit Committee of the Board and Executive Director / Management.
➢ Proactively following-up to ensure Management’s action plans are progressing and addressing the risk exposure and control observations previously highlighted by Internal Audit and other external assurance functions (i.e Compliance, Regulators and Independent Auditors)
➢ Coordinating and liaising with Independent External Auditors to ensure year-end audit control testing by Internal Audit is performed efficiently, effectively, timely and at a minimum, meets their expectations / requirements.
➢ Where applicable, managing and developing staff throughout the course of assurance and consulting engagements.
➢ Perform other duties and special projects/audits as required by the Executive Management and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors from time to time.
KEY KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE JOB Certificate of Secondary Education Form IV or VI Degree/ Advanced Diploma in Accountancy Post graduate Degree in Accountancy Must be Certified Public Accountant Experience of not less than 3(three) years of working with/in a renowned Public or International Audit Firms. Must be Computer literate with practical knowledge of Microsoft office applications Interpersonal Skills will be the added advantage
5. ICT Specialist – (1 POST ) REPORTS TO: GENERAL MANAGER COMPANY : ETDCO LIMITED POSITION OBJECTIVE: Responsible for designing, programming and development and maintenance of Company Financial, HRM and Project Management Systems to facilitate Company Business and Operational Activities, while ensuring smooth and continuous availability of ICT network for employee ease of communication
➢ In collaboration with the Finance Department for input and stakeholder ownership, design, construct and develop financial systems that will support Company Financial Functions to achieve Company Objectives in accommodating issues of Financial and Compliance.
➢ In collaboration with Human Resources Department for inputs and stakeholder ownership, design, construct, develop and maintain Human Resources System that should incorporate Scheme of Service and Performance Management to ensure employers’ employee relation needs are addressed.
➢ Design, construct, develop and maintain a good Project Management System that is to support in projects planning, management and appraisal for monitoring and evaluation of projects success.
➢ Train employees for management and operations of the respective systems to ensure job continuity in case of systems failure.
➢ Maintenance of existing ICT networks for employee effective and timely communication within the Company and outside.
➢ Engage in business growth by developing systems for Clients and Customers outside the Company
➢ Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Management from time to time.
KEY KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE JOB Certificate of Secondary Education Form IV or VI Degree in Computer Science/ Software Development/ Programing and Hard Ware Maintenance Interpersonal Skills will be the added advantage ETDCO Limited wishes to recruit competent persons with high values of integrity and honesty, solicitation for favors will lead to disqualification of job aspirants.

The deadline for submission of applications is 15th January, 2018 Applications must be addressed to: The, GENERAL MANAGER, ETDCO LIMITED, P. O BOX 31532 DAR ES SALAAM REGENT ESTATE, URSINO HOUSE 21 – MWAI KIBAKI ROAD
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