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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Job at Mobisol Tanzania Limited, Service Network Analysis and Monitoring Coordinator

Service Network Analysis and Monitoring Coordinator

Mobisol is one of the world’s leading companies for Solar Home Systems with approximately 600 passionate employees, delivering a clean and affordable alternative to fossil fuels for low-income households (living without access to reliable energy). Our dedicated product line combines solar energy with innovative mobile technology and accessible micro-financing. Having successfully installed more than 90,000 solar home systems in Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda, Mobisol is in the process of scaling with its mission to Plug in the World. Please read more about Mobisol at

In order to improve our service quality, we are looking for a Service Network Analysis and Monitoring Coordinator. Do you have a background in data analysis, monitoring performance, and coordinating.? If yes, Apply now!

Location: Arusha


Coordinate and design service areas setup in coordination with the department manager and field service team
Ensure a well informed and up-to-date trained service network team
Constantly review technician mapping, recommend actions that need to be undertaken to reduce maintenance delays
Coordinate monitoring of installations and maintenance cases by either sending staff for physical monitoring or coordinating courtesy calls
Monitor the Service Network Department related Database features and suggest improvements wherever necessary. The focus is set on data validity and workflow improvement.
Provide training support to Customer Care on technical maintenance related topics during refreshers
Ensure a well informed and up-to-date trained service network.
Identify gaps in monitoring actions and coordinate training where required
Create the monthly SND report and ensure daily circulation of SND Dashboard
Create and maintain a Maintenance PlayBook


Bachelor Degree in Statistics, Information Technology, or related subjects
Should be good in arithmetic and logical thinking
At least 2 years’ experience in Monitoring, Coordinating, and analysis
Must have analytical and report writing skills
Good knowledge of Excel
Experience in service network, especially from the solar industry, will be added advantage
Valid driving license
Self-starter with a passion for Mobisol´s vision to plug in the world
Able to communicate fluently in English and Swahili


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Job Opportunity at Save The Children Tanzania

Terms of Reference for agriculture Consultant

Terms of Reference for Consultant: Rapid Assessment and Technical Assistance in Agriculture, Dodoma and Singida Regions

The project “Improving food and nutrition security in Dodoma and Singida Regions, Tanzania” is a five year program (March 2017-February 2021) funded by the European Commission and implemented by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and Save the Children. The project seeks to contribute to a reduction in prevalence of stunting in children under five in Dodoma and Singida Regions in 146 villages and 40 health facilities in Bahi and Chamwino districts of Dodoma Region and Ikungi and Singida Rural districts of Singida Region. The project targets families with pregnant and lactating women, caregivers, and children under two.

The project aims to reach its overarching goal through three key results:
Result 1: Behaviour change towards improved feeding practices and consumption of a diversified diet is promoted and increased at community level. (Save the Children and WFP shared result)
Result 2: Production of nutritious crops, small-scale livestock, and access to nutritious diversified foods is enhanced. (Save the Children result)
Result 3: Coordination, knowledge and information management is improved to guarantee efficient monitoring and planning of actions by local and central government authorities. (WFP result)

Under Results 1 and 2, Save the Children will deliver nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive activities, including support to VICOBAs, in selected villages in the four districts to complement a nutrition-specific component delivered by WFP at health facilities. Save the Children will implement extensive social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) activities at the household and community levels focusing on IYCF and household nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, and gender dynamics.  Agriculture interventions will complement the nutrition activities through promotion of home gardens, small-scale livestock, and community-level asset transfers as well as support to VICOBAs. The household nutrition SBCC activities will be delivered through Community Health Workers (CHWs) and the Care Group Model and focus on improving care and feeding practices, two of the main underlying causes of malnutrition in children. These activities will link caregivers to the health facilities, thus providing them with access to various health services. Agriculture activities will be delivered in coordination with the government Agriculture Extension System. The agricultural and savings interventions will contribute to household food security by addressing some of the basic causes of malnutrition, principally food insecurity and poverty, through the production of diversified nutritious foods, asset transfers to support food production and storage, empowering women, promoting gender-equitable decision making, and increasing savings and lending practices.

-Under Result 1, WFP in partnership with the District Health Departments will provide specialised nutritious food to pregnant and lactating women and children under 2 years of age in 40 health facilities in the four districts. WFP will target the treatment of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) and the prevention of chronic malnutrition (stunting) through its Mother and Child Health and Nutrition initiative (MCHN). The MCHN will be complemented by social behaviour change communication at the health facilities and at the community level.
-Under Result 3, WFP will aim to support government authorities, both at central and at local level, to strengthen nutrition knowledge and information management. This will be done through the provision of equipment and training, as well as the introduction of innovative monitoring systems for nutrition.

The project is in line with the Government of Tanzania’s National Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP) 2016-2021, and will contribute to the plan’s key results areas, including scaling-up maternal, infant, young child and adolescent nutrition and micronutrient deficiency prevention and control, integrated management of acute malnutrition, integration of multi-sectoral nutrition sensitive interventions, improving nutrition governance, and improving multi-sectoral nutrition information systems.
The project will work closely with the relevant Regional and District authorities (agriculture, water, health, and nutrition teams) and the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC), coordinating plans and combining resources to ensure maximum impact, potential learning, and effective and efficient use of existing resources. The project will also coordinate with other partners and stakeholders working in the same geographic area in the nutrition and agriculture sectors.

The objective of this consultancy is two-fold.
The first objective is to conduct a rapid assessment in the four districts of Dodoma and Singida where this project will be implemented to:
Identify primary crops and livestock cultivated by households in target areas.
Document attitudes and practices in areas of agriculture, livestock and water for irrigation and household consumption.
Identify critical constraints that impact households related to adopting good or improved practices
Map key stakeholders and community level groups that are relevant to agriculture, livestock and water related issues.

The second objective is to take findings from the rapid assessment and design, test and support initial roll-out of the agriculture interventions in the form of training materials, implementation and monitoring tools for Result 2 of the project.
The third objective, which underpins objectives one and two, is to conduct TOT’s for relevant Save the Children and CSO partner staff to prepare them for implementing the proposed activities

The following deliverables are anticipated:
Work plan for three month period capturing the phasing of the deliverables below. This is to be submitted 1-2 weeks after the commencement of the assignment
An inception report for the rapid assessment, to be submitted 3 weeks after the commencement of the assignment, including: preliminary summary observations/analysis; methodology and timeline; planned questions to be covered; and, planned stakeholders to engage
Draft and Final report for rapid assessment that will include recommendations for the following:

The priority crops and livestock to be promoted by the project based on potential for production in target areas as well as nutritional value.
The key negative agriculture and other related behaviors and constraints contributing to malnutrition that need to be addressed by the project
The relevant training and asset transfer packages  that present solutions to the prioritized negative behaviors and constraints
The optimal implementation modality for rolling out the agriculture related activities.
Develop materials in support of the final agriculture activities, including training materials that may be required for Agriculture Extension Officers
Develop appropriate indicators and data collection tools for the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Framework
Conduct TOT for Save the Children and CSO partner on relevant materials and tools.
Support partner CSOs with the formation and start-up of agriculture groups and VICOBAs
Collect all agriculture information from all the project districts, i.e. collect data on crops grown (food and cash crops), agronomic practices carried out by farmers, livestock keeping (type of livestock), and food situation in the districts. Analyse the collected data and write report.
Research on water harvesting techniques used by communities.
Explore possibilities or sites where assets like small animals (goats, chicken, rabbits) and vegetable seeds could be available, i.e. breeding centres or seed multiplication centres.
In collaboration with the agriculture project officer for Dodoma, perform duties of the agriculture project officer for Singida during the time his or her assignment.

The consultant will be based in Save the Children’s office in Dodoma, with frequent travel to Singida, and work closely with Save the Children staff in both regions to produce the listed deliverables. The consultant will also have interactions with technical staff based in Save the Children’s office in Dar es Salaam and Washington, DC. The frequency of those interactions will be determined by the work plan.

The methodology for all aspects of this consultancy should involve Save the Children staff and CSO partners, to the extent possible.

For the rapid assessment, the methodology should include:
Reference to a recent mapping of agriculture CSOs undertaken for Save the Children with additional consultations, as required.
Interviews with Department of Agriculture and other stakeholders.
Visit and interviews to a sample of villages in each of the four districts

The methodology for the producing the remaining deliverables is up to the consultant to propose and for the Area Manager for Dodoma and Singida regions to approve. Save the Children staff in the Dar es Salaam and Washington, DC offices will review deliverables to provide technical feedback but will not be involved on a routine basis.
Timeline. The duration of the assignment will be three months.
Start date. October 16th. It is expected that consultant start immediately after coming to an agreement with Save the Children.
Rapid assessment. November 1st – November 30th
Design, validation and start-up of agriculture activities December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Required Skills and Experience
Experience conducting (rapid) assessments in the agricultural sector in Tanzania.
Experience working in the agriculture sector in Tanzania, ideally as part of nutrition or other programming.
Experience working in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant agencies in Tanzania
Proven ability to work in a collaborative manner and to facilitate constructive dialogue, and willingness to support the capacity building objective of the assignment.
Knowledge of and experience working in Tanzania, and ideally in Dodoma and Singida Regions.
Strong writing and communication skills.
University degree (Masters preferred) in agriculture,

Application Specifications
CV of the consultant
Cover letter responding to the ToR with specific focus on the scope of work, methodology to be used and key selection criteria.
Timeline, with specific dates from commencement to final submission of all deliverables.
Names, organizations and contact details of two referees whom we may contact.
Sample of an agriculture assessment (or similar piece of writing) produced by Consultant.
Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and all likely expenses.
Annex One. Sample questions for rapid assessment

What crops do people grow in field and gardens in the rainy and dry seasons?
During the dry season, what is normally available for consumption?
Do you produce enough food for consumption for all year round?
Do people have home gardens? What is normally grown in these gardens?
What type of seeds do people normally use? Local or improved?
Do people use fertilizers? When and what type?
Do people use pesticides for their crops? For what purpose (insects, diseases)?
What types of pesticides are commonly used?
Do people use herbicides (weed killers)?
Where do you get the water for home gardening?
What crops do people commonly eat?
Do people sell the food crops after harvest? If yes, how much of the harvest is sold?
Do people practise traditional ceremonies? What types and when?
How much food is used during these ceremonies?
What foods do people purchase in markets?
What are the food prices and do they differ by season?
What are traditional food storage methods?
What are the food processing methods?
Are there problems in how people produce their cash crops that impact income and ultimately food security?

What livestock do people keep?
Are there any taboos or myths on consumption of various foods/ livestock products by different groups in the household?
Do people use products from livestock they keep? If yes, how often?
Do people slaughter their animals for consumption?
Who decides when it comes to slaughtering the animal for home consumption?
How do people process and store the animal products?
Where do the animals sleep during the night (where are the animals kept)?
Do you treat your livestock when they become ill?

Where do people collect for home use during rainy and dry seasons?
Do you treat drinking water? How?
Where do the livestock get water for drinking?
How do people store water for home and agriculture uses if they practice irrigation?
If they practise home gardening, where do they get water for watering the plants?
Do people practise other methods of rain water harvesting/catchment?
Do they treat harvested rain water? For long storage
Whose role in the household to fetch water for home use, animal use, and gardening if applicable?

Location: Singida/Dodoma, Tanzania
Contract - Full-Time
Closing date: Saturday 7 October 2017
All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified


Job Opportunity at Mobisol, Head of Human Resources

Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam
What this job is about
The Head of Human Resources guides and manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for Mobisol Tanzania. This includes legal and administrative aspects, recruitment, as well as the support and development of our currently around 500 employees.

Your tasks

  • Preparing and executing an efficient and thought-through HR strategy with clear focus areas
  • Ensuring up-to-date contracts and files, accurate payroll, budget compliance and adherence to company policies and labour law
  • Establishing, implementing and updating HR processes, e.g. on disciplinary matters and recruitment
  • Managing the HR team of 3 officers through regular meetings, continuous feedback and coaching
  • Taking charge of staff planning, timely hiring and the establishment of a salary scale
  • Working closely with the Talent team to incorporate training and development initiatives and an appropriate performance management system
  • Serving as key contact for staff queries; consulting, motivating and supporting individual employees for maximum retention
  • Regular reporting to the Chief Board on vacancies, performance management, absences, staff retention and updates on HR policies

Your Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of Tanzanian labour law
  • At least 3 years of leadership experience in an HR management position; ideally in an organisation with 150+ employees
  • Demonstrated ability to coach and mentor junior colleagues
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Swahili
  • Positive attitude and high level of initiativeAbility to multitask and work under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to detail and strive for high-quality outcomes, especially with regards to documentation
  • Willingness to live in Arusha, and to travel nationally

Your Perspective
The position offers you the chance to build and shape a global player in the off-grid energy market with strong commitment to product-quality, design, user friendliness and environmental sustainability. You will be part of an outstanding inter¬na¬tio¬nal, highly motivated team.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

PICHA: Wabunge Uganda Wazichapa Ngumi Kavu Kavu Bungeni...Kisa Kizima Hichi Hapa

Wabunge Uganda wakigombana ndani ya ukumbi wa bunge baada ya kupishana kuhusu muswada wa marekebisho ya katiba, kipengele cha umri wa Rais.

Monday, September 25, 2017

25 Job Opportunities at Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)


Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) is currently implementing productive social safety Net program which is aim to protecting the vulnerable poor households from the severest consequence of poverty by implementing interventions that will lead to increased household incomes and opportunities while increasing consumption

TASAF Executive Director is inviting applications from suitably and qualified Tanzanian nations to fill the vacant post at its head office

 i/ Receptionist                                                                     1post

 Ii/ Drivers                                                                              6 Post

 Iii/ M/Vehicle Mechanics                                               2 Post

Iv/ Registry Assistant                                                        3 Post

V/ Office Attendants                                                         2 Post

Vi/ ICT Technician                                                              2 Post

Vii/ Customers Service Assistant                               3 Post

 Viii/ Assistant M&E Officer                                            1 Post

 Ix/ Project Officer PWP                                                   3 Post

 X/ Safe Guard Specialist                                                1 Post

 Xi/ Research & Development Specialist                1 Post

 Xii/ Human Resource Manager                                   1 Post

Job description and requirement qualifications are attached with this advertisement


- Applications enclosing scanned copies of certificates and CV vitae in PDF FORMAT be sent to
- Applications made in a way other than the above will not be considered

- Deadline is 30 th September 2017

- Those will not hear from us 14 days after the deadline should consider themselves as unsuccessful

Job Opportunities at UNHCR Tanzania

UNHCR Field Office Kasulu and Sub Office Kibondo invite applications from qualifiedexternal candidates for the below position:-
Vacancy Notice No : DSM/VN/17/008

Position title : Snr Information Management Associate (CRRF) (2 positions)

Category : General Service
Position No : Temporary Appointment
Duty Station : Kasulu and kibondo, Tanzania
Grade : G7
Remuneration : Attractive salary and entitlements according to
UN Staff Rules and Regulations
Duration : Three Months
Effective date : Immediately

On 19 September 2016, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the New York
Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, calling for greater burden sharing by the international
community to support the world’s largest refugee hosting states. The New York Declaration
called on UNHCR to develop and initiate the application of the Comprehensive Refugee
Response framework (CRRF) in close coordination with relevant states and in collaboration
with relevant UN agencies, applying a multi-stakeholder approach. The objectives of
implementing the CRRF are to: (i) ease pressure on host countries; (ii) enhance refugee selfreliance;
(iii) expand access to third-country solutions; and (iv) support conditions in countries
of origin for return in safety and dignity.

The New York Declaration and the CRRF stress the
need to engage development actors in a sustainable response for refugees and host
communities. The CRRF promotes inclusion of refugees in the delivery of national services,
such as education and health, as well as national development plans and programmes,
supporting these priorities were possible. The CRRF aims to bring on board partners into the
refugee response, including those who have been less involved in refugee response, by
mobilising their respective areas of expertise and interest to contribute to a broad-based
response. The roll-out of the CRRF requires intensive efforts throughout pilot countries,
including consultations with a broad range of internal and external interlocutors at national,
regional and district levels – in particular the various government offices which need to be
involved as part of the CRRF roll-out.

The government of the United Republic of Tanzania has confirmed its willingness to pilot the
CRRF. The CRRF in Tanzania aims to address the ongoing emergency, the protracted
refugee situation and support to local integration of naturalized Burundians. The CRRF will to
the extent possible build on and complement existing strategies, coordination and funding
mechanisms, incorporating both humanitarian and development actors. A joint CRRF
National Steering Committee led by the government is setup to coordinate the roll-out of the
CRRF, including a mapping exercise and gap analysis among the first steps. This will further
inform the priority areas of engagement and indicators for initial progress (first benchmark:
end-2017) for the application of the CRRF in Tanzania.

The UNHCR Tanzania operation is also a multi-year planning pilot. UNHCR Tanzania is
finalizing a Multi-Year Multi-Partner Protection and Solutions Strategy (2017-2021) for
Tanzania. This Strategy (MYMP) has been developed in consultation with key partners, and
identifies objectives that incorporate political, economic, social and legal dimensions. The
MYMP describes UNHCR’s contribution to the CRRF over the period 2017-2021.

Against this background, UNHCR is hiring 2 Senior Information Management Associates
(CRRF) as part of temporary support staff with the dedicated role to support the roll-out of
the CRRF in the Tanzania Operation. The Senior Information Management Associates report
directly to the CRR Officer in Kasulu and Kibondo, and form part of the CRRF/Solutions team
led by the CRRF coordinator in Dar. The Senior Information Management Associates will
benefit from functional guidance from the Programme and Protection Officers, and work
closely with Programme and Protection Units. They will also benefit from support from
technical units at HQ as appropriate and under the overall direction of the Representative.
They are also expected to stay abreast of the challenges posed to the region by the political
context, the UN and humanitarian reform and institutional developments.

The Senior Information Management Associates (CRRF) will provide support on the
application of the CRRF in Tanzania and the implementation of MYMP in alignment with this
framework, as follows:
1. Deliver reliable, accessible and user-friendly, relevant, predictable, appropriate and timely
information in support of the the application of the CRRF and the implementation of the
- Assist in the production and dissemination of information on the population of concern
and host communities for planning and monitoring purposes
- Produce summary statistics and coordinate data collection teams. Assist in training of
staff involved in information management activities, including data collection and data
entry teams.
- Operationalize data standards including any standards developed specifically for the
application of the CRRF and the implementation of MYMP
- Support the CRRF/Solutions Team, Programme and implementing partners in the
choice of indicators for monitoring the roll-out of the CRRF and the implementation of
the MYMP at field level. Support the Protection Team in operationalizing related
protection monitoring systems.
2. Support development and implementation of new engagements and interventions under
the CRRF related to the collection, production and dissemination of reliable and relevant
- Institutionalise new approaches within UNHCR and partners through training
sessions and participation in all planning processes
- Report on implementation of new partnerships and projects
- Support regular mapping exercises of the relevant districts, liaising with sector
specialists, to determine gaps, capacity and comparative advantage of different
- Support the development of key partnerships with development actors and private
sector in the realm of data production and information gathering
4. Overall support to the CRRF/Solutions team
- As a member of the CRRF/ Solution Team, participate in meetings and support all
other processes that are relevant and related to durable solutions, the MYMP and the
- Liaise with partners and represent UNHCR in meetings related to information
management and the production, analysis and dissemination of data.
- Undertake any other activity assigned by the CRR Officer or CRRF coordinator

- Completion of Secondary education with training/certificate in information technology,
demography, statistics, social sciences or any related area.
- At least 11 years of relevant work experience.
- Knowledge of the UN system and the humanitarian community.
- Advanced Excel skills (e.g. pivot tables, functions, etc.).
- Ability to formulate IM-related technical requirements and Operating Procedures.
- Experience with handling confidential data and demonstrated understanding of different
data collection methodologies.
- Fluency in English and Swahili and working knowledge of another relevant UN language

- Successful participation in the Operational Data management Learning Programme.
- Experience in web design and software development is an asset.
- Experience with relevant software such as ArcGIS, Mapinfo, SPSS, EpiInfo6, SQL
Server, and/or proGres.
- Experience with HTML, PHP, ASP and/or Java is an asset.
- Proven skills to analyse statistical information.
Applicants should include a recent curriculum vitae or United Nations Personal History Form
(P 11), contact telephone number/E-Mail and reference to the Vacancy Notice Number.

Applications should be addressed to:
Associate Human Resources Officer
UNHCR Representation Office
Dar es Salaam
All application should be forwarded electronically to email address 
Hard copies are not accepted and will not be considered.

Deadline for submission of application: 1.10.2017
Dar es Salaam, 22 September 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bajeti Kuu ya Serikali..Haijapata Kutokea ...Habari Vichwa vya Magazeti ya Leo Ijumaa 9/6/2017..!!!!

Job Opportunity at Talent in the Cloud, Secondary School Head Teacher

Other Arusha District Arusha

As the secondary school Head Teacher, you'll be in charge of the strategic and day-to-day management of the campus including the academic and operational management of the co-educational, day and boarding facilities for 900 + students.

You’ll need a commitment to openness and working with the school’s community, leadership and founders. Ultimately we’re looking for a strong leader of people and who is passionate about the education of our next generation.

Your role will combine the following areas:

  • Academic Management
  • Student, Personnel and Local Community Welfare Management
  • Strategic Leadership and Stakeholder Management
  • Financial, Resource and Staff Management
  • Facilities Management

So why would you want to lead this school?

Because you'll have a great team of both teaching and non-teaching staff around you - supportive, enthusiastic and committed to the school and to constant improvement in teaching and learning.

The children are happy in a school known for its nurturing environment with a successful and positive behaviour strategy

The buildings and working environment have been well maintained. The financial backing of the school is managed by a highly experienced team of international fund raisers.

You’ll have a strong and supportive board with ambition to match your own and one that understands the balance between challenge and support and that values staff who seek to develop their skills further.

We anticipate you'll be an existing Head or an ambitious, experienced Deputy looking to work with us on the challenges we face and the opportunities this school presents.

What are we looking for?

  • Experienced educational leader with high level of integrity
  • Proven management skills that demonstrate the capability to build a world-class educational facility while promoting a values-based culture for students and personnel.
  • A passion for the school’s vision and mission
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and value a motivated team of educators, administrators and operations personnel
  • Highly effective communicator – visible, engaging and approachable; able to foster relationships with personnel, students and the local community
  • A strong commitment to professional development for personnel and self
  • An experienced and effective classroom teacher.

Please apply today and we’ll share with you a detailed job description.

N.B: TalentintheCloud is acting as an employment agency.

Apply for this job:


Job Opportunity at Mobisol, Delivery Officer Intern

Mobisol UK - Delivery Officer Intern, Coastal Zone (Morogoro)

Morogoro Mjini Morogoro

Mobisol is one of the world’s leading companies for Solar Home Systems with approximately 600 passionate employees, delivering a clean and affordable alternative to fossil fuels for low-income households (living without access to reliable energy). Our dedicated product line combines solar energy with innovative mobile technology and accessible micro-financing. Having successfully installed more than 70,000 solar home systems in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, Mobisol is now moving into the business at a larger scale. Please read more about Mobisol on website.

The Delivery Officer Intern will participate in the transport of Mobisol goods between hubs, secure and efficient storage of systems and components during transport as well as for the offloading of them.


  • Working independently on defined tasks and smaller projects identified jointly with the Head of Department or Specialist, to help realize the department's objectives
  • Completing assigned tasks in line with applicable policies, guidelines, processes and procedures
  • Carrying out transport of Mobisol systems and components according to the delivery plan by the MobiShop Distribution Officer; ensure appropriate and efficient storage of goods in the truck
  • Organizing and overseeing the offloading of goods according to the packing list and without any damages
  • Administering delivery notes and handing them in to the Logistics Department
  • Completing vehicle checks prior to use and notifying any defects to the Fleet Officer where required


  • Willing to work as intern for 3 months during which performance will evaluated for possible contract (will receive intern salary during this period)
  • Living in and has good knowledge of Morogoro and surrounding regions
  • Experience as delivery driver
  • Valid professional (i.e. truck) driving license
  • Higher school degree  Calm and safe driving style (we will test for driving skills as part of interview process)
  • Ability to travel, including evenings and weekends
  • Team player

The position offers you the chance to build and shape a global player in the off-grid energy market with strong commitment to product-quality, design, user friendliness and environmental sustainability. You will be part of an outstanding international, highly motivated team.

If you feel intrigued by this opportunity, please send your application (letter of motivation, CV and references) with the subject line “Delivery Officer Intern, Coastal Zone” IMMEDIATELY to

As an equal opportunity employer, Mobisol offers all of its employees and applicants full equal opportunity irrespective race, ethnic origin, sexual identity and disability, religion or beliefs.

Job Opportunity at WWF, Green Growth Senior Fellow

Kinondoni, Mikocheni Dar Es Salaam
WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) is an international non-governmental organization that deals with conservation of nature. WWF Tanzania aims to sustain Tanzania's outstanding and globally significant natural wealth and biodiversity and in doing so support local livelihoods and national economic development. We address cross-cutting issues such as climate change and green economy development including engaging in national-level policy initiatives such as the Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor (SAGCOT). Through our collaborative work with the Government of Tanzania, research institutions, the WWF network, and the private sector.

WWF Tanzania Country Office is seeking to hire an experienced and motivated individual for the position of Green Growth Senior Fellow to be based in Dar-es-salaam to provide vision, content, and leadership for supporting inclusive green growth for to the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) as a pilot location.,


The main role for successful candidate will be providing technical advisory support to SAGCOT centre and WWF Tanzania to develop an understanding of the collective challenges and solutions related to sustainable land and water resources management to help fulfil SAGCOT centre’s mission of inclusive and green agriculture growth.

Specific functions:

Support strategic partnership management between SAGCOT centre and partners on green growth;

  • Consolidate the relationship between SAGCOT centre, WWF and other project partners and WWFs support to SAGCOT centre on decision-making in equitable green growth;
  • Support enhanced capacity of SAGCOT centre as an institution to facilitate multi-stakeholder discussion related to sustainable agriculture development.
  • Conceptualise, analyse and develop collective water stewardship approaches needed to support SAGCOT centre in their mission of inclusive and green agriculture growth in relation to local water challenges;
  • Provide thought leadership to around ‘equitable green growth’ goal, tools and approaches
  • Work on opportunities to support replicability of the approach and tools to the entire SAGCOT corridor and other African growth corridors;
  • Lead the development of publications in high quality outlets in the international peer-reviewed literature;
  • Assist with supporting PhD/Postgraduate students or other consultants where relevant;
The position will contribute to this work by sharing lessons, research, and experience from Tanzania.


  • Master’s Degree in Water Management, Natural Resources Management, Ecology, Environmental Science or Related disciplines
  • Demonstrated research experience at least in some of the areas of water management, economics, natural resource management, ecology, geography, environmental science or a related discipline.
  • Demonstrated expert knowledge in integrated water resources management
  • Experience in cross-sector stakeholder engagement, especially in developing countries
  • Experience in the development of effective relationships across institutions and sector
  • Excellent strategic skills.
  • Ability to build external partnerships, strengthens capacity, and builds teamwork.

Additional information, including Terms of Reference, can be obtained via Applications must include a complete CV with full contact details of three referees and should be addressed to the Human Resources Manager through and copy to by 16th June 2017 at 4:30 pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and the interviews.

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